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Bombil / Bombay Duck

Bombil / Bombay Duck

Preferred Cuts: Cleaned & Gutted

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Introducing Bombil, also known as Bombay Duck, a delectable seafood delicacy that will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey. 🐟✨

🔥 Indulge in the crispy exterior and succulent flesh of Bombil, as it is lightly marinated with aromatic spices and then perfectly fried to golden perfection. With each bite, you'll experience a burst of flavors, ranging from tangy and spicy to mildly sweet, leaving you longing for more.

⭐️ Our Bombil is not just delicious, but also nutritious. Packed with essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, it offers a host of health benefits. From supporting heart health to boosting brain function, this fish is truly a powerhouse of nutrients.

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